Jeffreys Bay Surfing

surf school jeffreys bay sa za surf schools j-bay surf lessonsJeffreys Bay equals surf!  While backpacking through South Africa you would have heard this, whether from another backpacker at a hostel, brother, girlfriend or even your father… J-bay is surf country.  As you pull into Jeffreys, you will feel this without a doubt.  Shops are either surf clothing or surf gear, coffee shops and cafes’ menus have surf related themes, and board shapers show off their designs all around-Bay. Jeffreys Bay is where surf culture is cultivated amongst young and old.

There is a minimum of 8 surf breaks along the J-Bay coastline, the most famous being Supertubes.  The name derives from the fact that it is the longest right hand break in the world, a super tube.  In July every year the Billabong Pro Championship is hosted here.  The world’s top 45 surfers put on a show second to none, displaying their surfing skills and each one trying to be no.1.  This awesome surf break (Supertubes) is naturally for those adept at the skill of surfing and definitely not for beginners or for the faint hearted surfer.


Surf school waves

surf schools south africa j-bay surf lessons jeffreys bay sa zaA perfect wave for beginners is right on main beach, known as Kitchen Windows.  It is a gentle rolling wave that actually breaks to the left and right as it peaks.  There are no reefs to unsettle you and most of the time totally uncrowded.Kitchen Windows is the surf break of choice for Jeffreys bay Surf School. Surf lessons are conducted there because it’s the least intimidating of all the J-Bay breaks, and boosts chances of actually standing during your first surf lesson! 


Surf school

surf lessons south africa jeffreys bay surf school j-bay sa zaJeffreys bay Surf School operates everyday of the week for two hours and include all equipment needed during the surf lessons.  The 2 hour surf lesson is broken into a short theory chat on the beach, where students will practice what is being taught whilst still on the sand.  Then it’s time to test the surf theory by taking to the water.  This is the fun part of the surf lesson.  Surfing is a true conviction of “practice makes perfect”, and one thing is for sure, you will want to practice to feel that thrill over and over again of standing on your first wave!

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Surf school instructors

jeffreys bay surf school south africa surf lessons jeffreys bay j-bayJeffreys Bay Surf School instructors are highly qualified and have been surfing themselves since a tender age.  Advanced pupils have the opportunity to be coached by Etienne Venter, a fully trained S.S.A level 3 S.E instructor and Life Guard, as well as selector of the National Springbok Surf Team and contest director for the S.A. Junior Surf Series. 


Surf school social responsibility

j-bay surf school south africa sa za surf lessons jeffreys bayJeffreys Bay Surf School promotes a clean and healthy lifestyle and is regularly involved in beach clean ups in and around Jeffreys Bay.  Jeffreys Bay surf school is also involved in social development, teaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds to live and love surf.  There are weekly surf lessons for adolescents who attend Joshua Project, a street kid community centre.  Backpackers attending J-bay Surf School are encouraged to assist (Volunteer) in these services, giving back to the community whose survival depends on the surf industry.